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Airtrick is an innovative technology company, initially a company developing electric manned flying vehicles, with a team of senior engineers from brands such as Volkswagen and Boeing.We are base in HongKong.

Airtrick Electric Skates A1 is our first creative product, inspired by the anime AirGear and the movie Alita Battle Angel. 2019 started to develop electric roller skates, we have spent more than 2 years, experienced 7 generations of prototype manufacturing and hundreds of tests, finally born the AIRTRICK A1 first generation finished product. We designed it to be foldable and portable, and it is the world's lightest and smallest electric vehicle. We will launch a brand new electric wheeled product every year, while the older generation products will be iterated twice a year, the product will be more and more abundant. In addition, we have three other product lines, including folding E-BIKE, flying AI nanny, and electric manned flying machine, which will be launched one after another in the future.

We hope you will like AIRTRICK A1 and give us more suggestions to help Airtrick grow, we will do our best to provide you with more portable and smarter mobile tools and smart life.

We will set up distributors worldwide, if you are interested, you can contact us or click here to learn more!

Thank you for your support!

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