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Airtrick E-skates Player's Club

Airtrick e-skates Player's Club has at least one administrator in each country or region. It is not a formal position and has no employment relationship, but a title that is appointed from among our users, and we call it: Top Player.

The "Top Player" is the player leader of the country or region, who initiates player activities, including but not limited to meetings and exchanges, dinners, tournaments, and fun.

The Top Player needs to apply to AIRTRICK to get the title and he must meet the following conditions.
1. He must be crazy about AIRTRICK products and the sport.
2. He must be a skilled player of AIRTRICK products.
3. he must have some spare time and be willing to organize player activities.
4. He must be righteous, responsible, sunny and positive.

You can apply if you meet the above conditions. Applicants should submit 2~4 videos of using AIRTRICK and a personal text or video introduction, including not limited to your age, gender, place of residence, occupation, hobbies, and how you will carry out activities after you become an administrator.

What are the benefits of becoming a country or regional administrator of AIRTRICK Players Club.
. He will get the super VIP user status of AIRTRICK.
. He will get the right to experience all new AIRTRICK products for free.
. He will have the right to be qualified to hold player events officially authorized by AIRTRICK.
. He will have the opportunity to be invited to visit AIRTRICK headquarters and participate in events every year.

If you are interested in becoming an administrator, please send your application information to

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