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Pictures of AIRTRICK's PRO version


Pictures of AIRTRICK's STANDARD version


The beginning version of Airtrick,with 2600mah batteries, the motor power is slightly lower than the other versions, one time full charge is about 3 hours, black frame only.

Pictures of AIRTRICK's PRO version

Best-selling version of Airtrick, with larger battery capacity, stronger motor power, more powerful charger, shorter charging time, and more frame color options.

Pictures of the ULTRA version of AIRTRICK

A special version of Airtrick with a unique yellow frame and the same hardware as the PRO version. It includes a super upgrade pack with super charger,shortened charging time to 1 hours, and more upgrade accessories.

Pictures of AIRTRICK's PRO version parts
Airtrick Products
AIRTRICK's advertising images
AIRTRICK's brake system introduction picture

Double Brakes For Safety

Remote braking and rubber stops provide dual protection and safety.

Pictures of AIRTRICK's motor design introduction

Powerful motor

Patented design 150w×2 hub motors, 
small size but huge power.

AIRTRICK's battery design introduction picture

Battery Management System

Highly integrated batteries with
battery protection.

AIRTRICK's body design introduction picture

Sturdy and Lightweight 
Frame Design

One-piece aluminum frame can support
the impact of jumping.

AIRTRICK's strap design introduction picture

Strap Design

No need to remove your shoes, 
you can put them on or take them off in 5 seconds with the quick straps.

AIRTRICK's remote control design introduction picture

2.4G remote control

Precise and synchronized control of RPM

throttle and brake.

AIRTRICK's body sticker design introduction picture

Replaceable frame decals

DIYer friendly makes your e-skates more special

Images of AIRTRICK's global certifications
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