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Images of AIRTRICK's Super Upgrade Package


Super Upgrade Packs include the following 9 accessories, which are not available for individual sale at this time

AIRTRICK's helmet picture


Lightweight skating helmet to give users head safety protection. It is recommended that users must wear a safety helmet when using AIRTRICK products to prevent head injuries. This helmet is made of ABS shell + EPS foam liner, which has certain strength and toughness and can buffer the pressure extremely well in case of accidental head collision.

Pictures of AIRTRICK's brake heads


The brake head is divided into TPU and PU material versions, the standard configuration is TPU material, TPU material friction is smooth, but the braking distance is slightly longer, PU material friction is greater, the braking distance is shorter.

Pictures of AIRTRICK straps


AIRTRICK uses a unique elastic strap design to make the skate more sticky to the foot while not binding the instep too tight. The elastic straps are made of silicone, with a certain stretch elasticity and toughness. The straps are available in four colors to match different frame and decal colors.

AIRTRICK's rear foot buckle picture

Ankle support

This part mainly plays a role in fixing the rear foot root and ankle, as well as fixed straps to restrain the foot position. It is manufactured using POM material, POM is a polyformaldehyde material, with high mechanical properties, such as strength, modulus, wear resistance, toughness, fatigue resistance and creep resistance.

Pictures of AIRTRICK's LED light-emitting wheels

Luminous LED wheel

This front wheel size is 58 * 42mm, the material is high elastic PU material, hardness is 80A, using LED magnetic light-emitting design, built-in 3 white high-brightness LED lights.If you want install it ,you need to replace the original front wheel.

Pictures of AIRTRICK's protective gear

Protective gear

Knee pads, elbow pads are TPU impact shell, plus high density thickened EVA, soft and comfortable, effectively reduce the external impact. The gloves are half-finger outdoor tactical gloves, which can effectively prevent abrasions when the palm of the hand is in contact with the ground.

Pictures of AIRTRICK's Supercharger

Super charger

Super charger is 29.4V 3A, power  90w, Full charging time is about 1 hours. Size is 129*56.4*36.3mm, weight is about 365g. (The original charger is 29.4V 1A, power is 30w, Full charging time is about 3~4 hours.)

AIRTRICK's body sticker picture

Frame decal

Upgrade package provides two sets of patterned decals, each set of 4 pcs. The decals are printed on the back of 0.2mm thick PVC material and are self-adhesive. When installing, tear off the original decals and clean the frame, then put the new decals on.

AIRTRICK's simple backpack picture


This is a simple backpack, convenient for users to carry only electric roller skates to use when going out. This backpack material is high-density nylon material, the strap can be freely adjusted according to user preferences length.

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