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Double Brake Safety System by AIRTRICK: An Extra Layer of Security for Your Electric Skating Experience.

Every year, hundreds of electric skateboard accidents are reported worldwide due to remote control malfunctions. This staggering number highlights a glaring issue that can't be ignored - brake safety is an essential aspect of the electric skating experience.

At AIRTRICK, we believe in prioritizing safety for our users. That's why we've pioneered the development of a double-braking system. This system includes a traditional remote control brake and a cutting-edge heel brake, providing a dual security measure to keep you safe throughout your rides.

Our remote control brake is expertly designed, offering unmatched reliability and function. The physical brake is activated by allowing the heel stopper to rub against the ground. This unique design offers an instant braking option separate from the remote control, dramatically enhancing your safety during electrical or remote control failures. If an electric skate doesn't present this heel brake system, it is a critical design flaw—profoundly fatal.

At AIRTRICK, we're devoted to transforming and improving electric skater safety worldwide. We're continually finding new ways to enhance our products with a keen focus on user safety. Our double braking system represents our commitment and introduces a revolutionary approach to braking in the industry. Consider it more than just a system—it's your safety umbrella protecting you from unpredictable happenings during your rides.

Choose the AIRTRICK double brake system, and equip your skating experience with an extra layer of safety. It's not just about a ride—it's about keeping you safe always!

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